Tenth Avenue Holdings Corporate Headquarters

483 Tenth Avenue
New York, New York

The Corporate Headquarters for Tenth Avenue Holdings occupies 10,000 sf in a former wallpaper factory. One of the few heavy timber office buildings in New York City, 483 Tenth Avenue was completed at the end of the nineteenth century and maintains its presence as a cornerstone in the up and coming area of Hell’s Kitchen.

In an effort to maintain the original character of the building which was buried deep beneath years of renovations, Musho Architecture literally knocked down the barriers between old and new, creating a space that fused the two together in a unique way. The vision for the office space for this private investment firm was to create an environment that reinforced creativity and fostered the art of conversation as a vehicle for creativity. Offices that were once separated on opposite ends of the floors were placed adjacent to each other, and conference rooms were designed with multiple functions in mind. All spaces were made to be comfortable and formal. Once the construction was complete, and the firm moved into their offices, the design actually changed the way they did business.

A contemporary office environment sits both within and around unique elements that hold priceless nostalgic value, including exposed heavy timber columns with massive steel plates, exposed brick both around the exterior and at the core where the building was once divided in two by a thick party wall and original pine floorboards juxtaposed with new wood flooring.

By creating a theme of layering and opposition with things such as : the old vs. the new, the calm with the chaos of Manhattan’s west side, privacy with openness, Musho was able to create a unique and exciting work environment, a gem hidden behind a thick brick anchor on Tenth Avenue.

The construction cost was one million dollars and the construction duration was four months. Musho provided the following services: architectural design, interior design, project management and purchasing services.