Kips Bay Towers

New York City

Kips Bay Towers is a 4,000 person luxury condominium designed in the early 1960s by I. M. Pei & Partners. Musho Architecture and Design is responsible for the design and construction administration of the rehabilitation of the eighty typical floor lobbies; divided among four buildings, the Ground Floor Lobby and the Elevator modernization design.

Kips Bay Towers was originally a rental complex that reinvented the urban planning in Manhattan housing. The public spaces of this complex are very generous, and the 1.7 acres of garden space is unlike any other building in Manhattan. It was important to us to represent this aspect of the design in the interiors.

This design project required a re-invention of the typical hallway. In this project, we accomplished creating an actual space from a former long, undistinguished corridor. The lighting design of Ann Kale Associates created interest at each light, dripping light paths down the wall at each custom pendant lamp. The lighting at the elevator area with stainless steel sconces worked well with the Modernist vocabulary of the building and also effectively illuminated the new curved ceiling. The curved ceiling in the elevator area was designed to break up the length of the corridor and also seemingly “shape” the walls to create a special gathering place on each floor. The curved ceiling was very effective at shortening the perceived length of the corridor, and it also gave the corridor character.

The walls have a sky blue back-painted glass at the elevator area and sand colored polyolefin wallcovering along the corridor. The carpets are a thick woven basketweave with blues and taupes, all made of solution dyed yarns.

The Kips Bay Towers Hallway Rehabilitation, the Elevator Modernization andthe Ground Floor Lobby Renovation are complete.