Affinia 50 Luxury Suite

New York, New York

The Affinia 50 is a boutique hotel in midtown Manhattan with 210 rooms and suites. Musho Architecture took on the role of designing a series of rooms which was converted from one apartment into two luxury suites that can be connected. The rooms are gracious and offer accommodations for special V.I.P. guests.

The Interior Design was completed in concert with DiLeonardo Design. In an effort to continue the goal of the hotel, which is to create a retreat for all of its guests, materials were selected that were subtle yet interesting. As is the goal with any hotel, materials were selected that would maintain their quality and appearance despite the continual use that hotels receive.

The furniture was carefully selected or designed to maintain the clean, sophisticated aesthetic, while creating an inviting and comfortable retreat. Each piece of furniture and swatch of fabric makes a bold statement about the unique environment of the hotel, with recurring angles and bold color and pattern choices.

The lighting throughout the space transforms over a twenty-four hour period. During the day the space is bright and airy with a wrap-around outdoor terrace that allows ample of natural light to penetrate this nest over the city, while at night the selected fixtures give off a warm glow, creating a multitude of nooks and spaces within the room.